Corona Virus Alert

Moroccan Lifestyle, as with all similar establishments, is acutely aware of the risks and challenges presented by the outbreak of the Corona Virus. During these trying times we will adhere to all regulations and precautionary measures as relevant and will take extreme care to ensure that risks to our staff and patrons, are mitigated.

We wish to assure our valued customers we are doing everything possible to ensure your health during these trying times and in addition to our normal cleaning and sanitation programmes:

  • all surfaces in and around our restaurant are treated with a specialized sanitation product , that act on a long-term basis to  sanitize hard surfaces and general areas
  • After patrons leave, our staff make use of spray sanitizers to wipe tables and chairs and have been trained to practice strict personal hygiene precautions.
  • We clean menus after every use.
  • Crockery and other eating utensils are pre-rinsed and then washed in an industrial-grade high-temperature dishwasher using specialised cleaning products.
  • We strive to maintain the recommended social distance parameters and will not seat patrons in close proximity, but instead space out tables.
  • We will also, in line with Government Regulations have to restrict the number of patrons to 50 at any given time.
  • No alcohol products will be sold or allowed to be consumed on the premises in accordance with the proclaimed Government Regulations.

Please be assured that we care for your well-being and we trust that you will continue to support us during these difficult times.


Moroccan Lifestyle offers an extended menu ranging from light starters to light meals, or you may choose to enjoy a burger or choose from our Main Meal menu. Our food fare can be enjoyed with a soft drink of your choice, coffee or tea, or, during the prescribed hours, a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail to tempt your taste buds.
Moroccan Lifestyle is open 7 days a week until 17:00. Please come visit us for something different that will have you return again and again!