About Us

Morocco has an international reputation for the quality of the craft work that is produced in many fields – carpets, ceramics, metal ware, textiles, leather work and the carving of wood and stone.  One of the great delights of a visit to Morocco is that it provides the opportunity to see the craftsmen at work, using tools and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


This tradition of craftsmanship has endured for centuries and, today, one can find many different craftsmen working with great precision and care, fashioning special products for a limited market.




At Moroccan Lifestyle we endeavor to avoid sourcing lower quality, mass-produced items aimed at the tourist markets, but instead, look for more upmarket and exclusive products of a higher quality than that which would normally be offered.


Moroccan Lifestyle came about from a need to source more exclusive items for our own home and we soon realised that the sourcing of products from Morocco is a difficult experience. We undertook an initial expedition to Morocco to buy a few items for our own use, but soon established a firm business relationship with local suppliers and the buying list just grew!



We now bring in our goods per container load and while this causes some delays in delivery times, we found that the products are well worth the wait. In our same-old-same-old interior decorating markets a consignment of something different always creates a fresh opportunity to find that special item for your collection.


Our showroom can be found in a lifestyle orientated shopping centre, and we chose to offer a more exclusive buying experience in a shopping environment focused on home and garden decoration.  Here you can see the products in a focused environment and experience the look and feel of our Moroccan products. Our Moroccan Lifestyle showroom could become your favorite excursion!



Moroccan Lifestyle’s René Steyn’s search for Moroccan items to decorate her home culminated in her importing her first container of Moroccan goods in 2006. René herself regularly visits Morocco and personally choose each item that is sold in her shop at Maroc Café.

‘So much care is taken when crafting a decor item in Morocco’, says René.  ‘Tiles, vases and dishes are hand-painted … each item is a work of art’.

Each item that is sold at Maroccan Lifestyle is unique – a once-off – and this is what makes each item so special.



Hospitality in Morocco is reflected in the warmth of a home’s decor and the food that is served in the home.  The decor items that René chooses mirror this warmth.  The patterns in decor items reflect the light in your home and add that magic and sparkle to the entertainment that takes place in a home.

Visit us a choose your very own piece of Morocco! – Source: Food and Home September 2011