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Meat Platter ▼

Chicken kebab, Pork ribs, Cheesegrillers, Pork chippelatas, Kofta, Kefta, Bacon, date rolls and four dips.
R620.00 Incl

Mixed Savoury Platter ▼

Bacon and date rolls, Kofta, Chicken kebabs, Chicken and nut springrolls,Chevin and roast pepper springrolls. Quiche and a Selection of Sandwiches.
R380.00 Incl

Sweet Platter ▼

Scones, Lemon Meringue, Sesame biscuits, Carrot cake,Creamhorns Cupcakes, Madeleines , Chocolate tartlets and Chocolate Petit Fours.
R530.00 incl

Sandwich Platter ▼

Seven assorted fillings: Chichen mayo, Curried egg, Avocado and bacon, Cheddar and apricot chutney, Smoked salmon and wasabi creamcheese, Bissara and roasted peppers and Pastrami, mozzarella and apple chutney.
R630.00 Incl

Moroccan Platter

Moroccan Platter R340.00 Excl”]Chevin and roasted pepper springrolls, Chicken and nut springrolls, Kofta, Kefta, Chichen pies, Bouchees, Stuffed dates, Stuffed aubergines, Rosecakes, Date truffles, Sesame Biscuit and Chocolate Tartlets
R600.00 Incl

SA Platter ▼

Biltong, Dried wors, Pretzels, Nuts, Dried fruit, Chips and dips and Date truffles
R600.00 Incl

Executive Platter ▼

Salmon and creamcheese rolls, Quiche, Chicken kebabs, Lamb pies, Bobotie Pies, Bouchees, Asparagus and parmaham, Chevin and roast pepper springrolls, Stuffed dates, Bacon and date rolls, Stuffed aubergines, Kefta and Stuffed cherry tomatoes.
R1130.00 Incl

Meze Platter ▼

Smoked salmon, Springbok carpacchio, Smoked ham, Parma ham. Pastrami, Calamata olives, Peppadews, Cheddar, Chevin, Camembert, Health bread, Breadsticks, Bissara and Olivetapenade.
R370.00 Incl

High tea Platter ▼

Carrot cake, Creamhorns, Sesame Biscuits, Chocolate tarts, Scones, Lemon Meringue tarts, Madeleines, Quiche, Salmon Rolls, Bouchees, Cucumber sandwiches, Smoked salmon and creamcheese sandwiches, Cheddar and apricot chutney sandwiches, Curried egg sandwiches, Bobotie pies and Lamb pies.
R700.00 Incl
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